Emergency First Aid & CPR

MPS FIRST AID TRAINING  MPS Property Services is dedicated to the Health & Safety of all our team members, with a vigorous program in place that focuses on prevention, hazard recognition, safe work practices & procedures, and accountability. A significant Health & Safety responsibility for MPS management is ensuring that we are fully compliant with […]

How To Plant Spring Bulbs

How To Plant Spring Bulbs

Square One… As a new graduate, who just recently moved out of her parent’s house, I’ve only started digging into gardening as a hobby. Last summer, I tried my hand at some flower planters that you can read about here. This post will be all about my first and possibly disastrous attempt at planting spring bulbs, […]

Successful ISO SN 9001 Stage 2 Field Audit

MPS Property Services is very pleased to announce that we have successfully completed the final phase of our Stage 2 ISO 9001 / SN 9001 audit; with our recent, fully compliant “in-event” Inspection Audit. This final Stage 2 verification of our ISO processes and procedures involved bringing in a third party auditor, from Smithers Quality […]

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