7 Tips For a Better Lawn This Summer

7 Tips For a Better Lawn This Summer

SUMMER 2017 LAWN CARE  Lawn care in the spring is all about getting your lawn healthy and green, and this year, it has been great to actually have experienced the first “real” spring we’ve had in quite a few years. The prolonged wet weather and cooler temperatures have done their bit in creating healthy turf, […]

Backyard Technology for Bird Lovers

THE BACKYARD BIRDCAM  I recently came across an innovative product that seems perfect for a fun, interesting and educational project for the yard; quite literally, a photo booth for birds! The various “birdcam” feeders are affordable ($60 – $180), can be set up quickly & easily, and will take professional quality images of the birds […]

Emerald Ash Borer Devastation

THE CONTINUED DEVASTATION OF THE EMERALD ASH BORER   Introduction The emerald ash borer (EAB) is a highly destructive insect (originally from Asia) that feeds on ash trees, usually killing them within 2-3 years. The EAB was first discovered in the GTA around 2005 and has continued to devastate the ash tree population ever since. […]

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