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Hardy Gardens for Your Commercial Property

Commercial Flowerbeds that are both Functional and Colourful

Commercial Building
Commercial and Industrial properties vary from high-end retail centers and hotels with lots of foot traffic, to industrial distribution centers with minimal occupants. These factors greatly influence the amount of curb-appeal your commercial property requires and will determine the budget needed for property maintenance.

Many commercial properties do not have unlimited budgets allocated for landscaping and grounds maintenance services, but property owners/managers want to ensure their property is safe and attractive looking. Low maintenance landscape features, like hardy flowerbeds are a great option for commercial properties because they are functional, colourful and won’t break the bank!

Hardy flowerbeds are designed with perennial plants and flowers that require minimal seasonal pruning and low amounts of irrigation. Compared to annual flowers which only last one growing season, perennial plants last for multiple seasons saving you money. Since most commercial properties have little to no irrigation, perennial plants are a great option. Annual flowers are beautiful but require daily watering, sometimes twice a day.

Some other reasons we love perennial plants are the many variations in colours, flowers and leaf options. Perennials bloom throughout the seasons and the best gardens will be designed to have continuous bloom throughout the seasons.

Some of our favourite Perennial plants for your hardy commercial Garden:


Close up of Daylillies Flower


Close up of Spirea Flower


Close up of Hydrangea Flower


Close up of Hosta plant

Cone Flower:

Close up of Cone Flower/Echinacea


Close up of purple cranesbills


Trimmed hedge of Yews


Manicured garden beds with boxwoods

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