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Landscape Lighting

The perfect landscape lighting can transform your outdoor space! Whether you’re adding lighting for safety, to highlight a beautiful landscape or architectural feature, or to create the right mood for your entertaining area, the possibilities are endless. Here are some reasons landscape lighting shouldn’t be overlooked on for your landscape project!

Landscape lighting should be a point of consultation for your initial landscape design, and should be installed by professionals; landscape lighting is harder to install once the project is complete. Landscape lighting is a durable and energy-efficient choice because it uses LED bulbs (light-emitting diodes). LED bulbs have a life span of 10-15 years and are designed with the light source integrated into the fixture, making it moisture resistant. LED bulbs are low voltage, making them very safe for your landscape and outdoor living area. Landscape lighting can be used year-round to illuminate your property as it transitions through all seasons.

For the best results with your landscape lighting, we recommend professional installation, to ensure the connections are proper and the fixtures are of good quality. MPS installs Canadian made products that are designed for the Ontario climate. MPS installs systems that connect to a transformer in the customers garage and set on a timer for easy access. The cost of landscape lighting depends on the amount and price of fixtures chosen.  There are different types of landscape lighting fixtures that cast different light for specific purposes.

  • Puck lights are small flat lights that are set into patio stones or decking, that shine light upwards, to identify boundaries or illuminate the walkway, deck or patio.
  • Down lighting, or under coping lighting, are small LED strips placed under the lip of a step or seat to illuminate the risers of the stair or face of seat wall.
  • Up lighting involves spotlight fixtures installed on the ground to shine light upwards to highlight trees or a stone accent wall.
  • Stand lights are low lying lights on a small stand that are placed in the garden or along the pathway.

Landscape lighting is a completely custom feature for your home and landscape. It’s used to highlight and accentuate specific features to transform your landscape into a nighttime oasis. Whether you’re looking to design an elegantly lit atmosphere, illuminate a pathway or staircase, accentuate foliage, or create a dramatic effect with shadowing or illuminating, landscape lighting is what will take your outdoor space to the next level.

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