Design in the Winter, Build in the Spring

Snow covered home

The snow is falling, your backyard looks like a winter wonderland and your happy staying inside where it’s cozy and warm. Why would you be thinking about landscape design right now? What could a landscape designer achieve by looking at my snow-covered lawn? The secret to a successful landscape construction project is a properly engineered and developed design. The design process is, just that, a process! Depending on the intricacies of the project, many elements must be thought over and discussed well before a shovel hits dirt. Let’s dig into the benefits of designing in the winter!
backyard with interlocking paving stones
Whether you are planning a brand-new landscape design for your backyard with interlocking paving stones, outdoor structures, water features, or hoping to revamp your front entry, winter is the best time to start designing. Ample time is required to assess your vision as the homeowner to ensure a seamless translation between your hopes and what your current landscape can achieve. Important elements such as, elevation, drainage, city by-laws, sun exposure time and so much more must be thought out well in advance. For example, if our designers are creating a landscape that includes an outdoor structure larger than 100 square feet, a building permit may be required. Permits can take anywhere from weeks to months to acquire after drawing submission, so planning well in advance will reduce waiting times. Thus, when spring time arrives, the design is completed, permits -if needed – are in hand, our crews are well versed on the landscape construction project and can bring your design to life.
By starting the landscape design process over the winter months, you are taking advantage of time you aren’t spending outside anyways to do the “behind the scenes” planning. This means, come spring time, you won’t be waiting for construction to begin and missing out on time spent enjoying your brand-new space. Establishing a relationship with your landscape company well ahead of time is also very important to ensure you are compatible, as you will be working closely throughout the design and construction process. You – the homeowner – must be comfortable that your landscape project is in capable hands because – for many – landscape construction is one of the largest financial decisions you will make. Whether your outcome being to increase the value of your home and add curb appeal or solve problems ranging from drainage, privacy, poor planting, or inadequate access, planning ahead of time will ensure the most cost efficient and admirable design is achieved.
Design with approved stamp
Taking time now to meet with a landscape company during the snowy months benefits homeowners to ensure ample design time, achieve the most accurate and cost-efficient quote, establish a relationship with your landscape company and minimize waiting time prior to construction in the spring. Take advantage and design in the winter to build in the spring!