Snow & Ice Management: Setting the New Standard

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Professional Development, Ongoing Education and Continual Improvement for MPS in the Snow & Ice Management Industry

In order to remain a top snow & ice management provider in what has become a very competitive service industry, MPS Property Services continually strives to improve our clients’ experience through education, innovation and dedication all year round.

We have spent a busy summer getting ready for the winter season that lies ahead, including:
  • attending the 20th SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association) Symposium in Montreal
  • successfully passing our 3rd consecutive ISO / SN 9001 Quality Management System audit
  • working towards achieving Smart about Salt Certification
  • having key team members complete individual Industry Certifications
  • bringing in the latest snow removal technologies to upgrade our winter operations


Founded in 1996, SIMA is North America’s largest trade association for professionals involved with the snow & ice industry. MPS has been a member for over 15 years, with President Jim Monk having served for several years on the SIMA Board of Directors (including two years as Board President), and MPS personnel have been active volunteers on SIMA committees and at various symposiums.
We are in the process of doubling our number of SIMA Certified Snow Professionals (CSP), from 2 to 4, and ensuring that four more team members will be certified in Advanced Snow Management before the onset of winter. In addition, SIMA has allowed MPS to grow and succeed through networking opportunities with other snow removal providers, ongoing training at seminars & webinars, and through introductions to the latest technology that manufacturers and suppliers have to offer.

Smart About Salt

The Smart about Salt Council is a Waterloo based organization that is dedicated toward expanding the best practices in salt management to improve winter safety and reduce salt use and its environmental impact. We believe in Smart about Salt’s approach, and their belief that “there is strength in numbers and that together we can address the complex social, economic and environmental issues related to winter safety.”
MPS Property Services is proud to be involved in this process of continual improvement, and for participating in the University of Waterloo’s Salt Usage study over the past two winters.

ISO 9001 (SN 9001)

Finally, improving customer service has always been a priority for MPS. Achieving our ISO 9001 (SN 9001) Certification last year has proved to be of considerable effect in enhancing our clients’ experience. By focusing on continual improvement to our Sales, Training and Operations processes, we are able to achieve great success in meeting the standards and expectations that our customers demand.
snow and ice management certified

MPS ISO 9001 Certification

Together, all of this hard work that has been done by MPS in the “off-season” will guide us in our goal of setting higher standards for the Snow & Ice Management industry as a whole, and building sustainable relationships with our valued clients.

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– Ken Jorgenson