Falling For Water Features

pool water feature, water fall, stone waterfall, modern water feature

Trending Water Features

Water features have been a staple of landscape design since time immemorial, Roman fountains and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are just a couple that come to mind, and have obviously evolved dramatically over time!
From large ponds teeming with aquatic plants, tiered water falls, to ornate fountains, the term “water feature” is subject only to the limits of one’s creativity, style and imagination.
Historically, most water features were nature-inspired, using existing streams and ponds as a base to work from. More recent “aquascapes” have tended towards large dig-outs for pond installations, with the self-contained water source using electrically powered pumps to recycle the water to a fountain or waterfall feature.

Who doesn’t love that soothing sound of bubbling water while relaxing outdoors?

water feature, stone water fall, natural stone
water feature, stone waterfall, natural stone

Creative Options for Water Features

As with most things, changes come along with ever increasing frequency. The trend towards smaller outdoor living spaces and green technology have “trickled” down to the water feature level as well, with many new and creative options now available for landscaping:

  • Solar powered pumps and installations are a great way to provide environmental benefits and free energy while eliminating electrical lines in the garden or yard
  • Table-top water gardens or pot fountains are an excellent way to start small, as they can be moved around from spot to spot while still providing that pleasant splash of water sound on your deck or patio
  • More intricate one of a kind garden fountains are available and can be easily integrated into existing landscaped areas, using elements (shape, texture, style, plants, etc.) that complement the garden itself
  • More and more people are opting for natural looking backyard fountains that can be installed within a boulder, or other similar object, adding beauty and structure to any outdoor space
  • Large “stand-alone” & in-ground ponds can be fitted with fountains or waterfalls as the focal point of your entire yard, with colourful plantings, fish and stonework designs best suited for the available space
  • Retaining wall fountains – not all water features need to contain plants or fish and the dramatic sight & sound of water falling off of a landscape wall can be a fantastic choice
  • Multi-level pond/waterfall designs can be an incredibly beautiful way to deal with a sloped yard, using flagstones, etc. as retention to create a more natural and pleasing setting.

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Benefits of Water Features

Remember, a water feature may be indoor as well as outdoor, and can be of any size, from a table-top fountain to a large outdoor waterfall pond that requires an elaborate bridge to cross. The options are very diverse, with many benefits to the homeowner too, such as:

  • Increased “curb appeal”
  • Increased value in the home
  • Pleasant sounds and a relaxing atmosphere
  • An attraction for local wildlife

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in installing or adding a water feature to your outdoor living space!