The top five reasons to use composite decking for your residential or commercial decking project are all very convincing. After all, decking installations can be huge projects. They have to be built to an exacting code, especially when the deck is a high use area. Composite decking ideas are limited only by budget and imagination, so validating your choice for these reasons is a great idea.

For starters, composite decking materials are exactly that: composite creations made with a combination of wood fibre, plastic and various binding agents. The resulting building materials are denser, stronger and heavier than natural wood decking boards. And because they often use recycled plastics, they are also an environmentally friendly choice. This leads to the first reason why composite decking is better than wood. It is rot and mould resistant. Projects built with composite decking ensure you avoid replacing rotting wooden deck boards every few seasons, especially in areas of high moisture, snow and ice and extreme hot and cold temperatures. This leads to the second reason why composite is a smarter choice than wood. By building with composite decking materials you avoid spending time on the annual upkeep of your deck. Install composite boards and you eliminate the need for regular sanding, restraining and repainting, and seasonal sealing of your deck boards.

With prolonged exposure to the elements, high traffic and even neglect, wooden deck boards can quickly begin to wear and splinter. This can create hazards for people walking on the decks. Install composite decking and you avoid building a deck prone to splintering. Your composite decking ideas can give you years of usage without encountering a single splinter. The fourth reason to choose composite decking is simply the variety of colours and finishes now available in composites. Composite lumber comes from the manufacturer as a finished product, with no need to stain, sand or paint. You can choose the colour and pattern you want to suit your decking design, and remain confident that the colour will last through the entire life of your deck. The final reason to choose composite decking instead of wood for your deck is price. Yes, the average composite board can be more expensive than natural wood. However, in the long term composite boards prove to be the more cost effective building solution. While you would continue to spend money replacing wooden deck boards, your composite boards will last you a lifetime.

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