Commercial Spring Newsletter 2017

SPRING is finally right around the corner but before we can all begin to enjoy the warmer weather and all the great things that go along with the season’s change, it is always prudent to spend some time and take care of a little “Spring Cleaning” on your commercial property. While statistically this past winter […]

Residential Spring Newsletter 2017

Another winter is coming to a close, and everyone at MPS is starting to switch gears in preparation for spring and summer. With winter 2017 being fairly average, this allowed the management team at MPS to focus on some important internal changes and upgrades. MPS gained some valuable new employees over the winter, including: Jordan […]

“Ken-hog” Day: The True Augury of Spring

While the glamour & glory of spring prognostications have always gone to famous groundhogs such as Wiarton Willie, Shubenacadie Sam and Punxsutawney Phil, these rodents of questionable reliability and dubious character have nothing on MPS’ own Seer of Spring, the ursine-like Ken Jorgenson; whose “Ken-hog” day predictions bring shouts of joy throughout the entire company. […]

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