Health and Safety

Health and Safety

As a Property Manager you require your contractors to commit to an accident free workplace. MPS Property Services has implemented a vigorous Health & Safety program for all employees to create a zero-incident culture. The protection of employees from injury or occupational disease is the major continuing objective.

MPS Health & Safety program includes:

SIMA Safety Award
  • An active Joint Health & Safety Committee
  • Weekly safety training sessions for all employees
  • Weekly on-site safety inspections
  • WHMIS and emergency first aid training
  • Participation in the WSIB Safety Group program
  • Compliance with the Ontario Health & Safety Act
  • New photos of MPS workers in hi-vis gear working, etc.

Managers and Crew Leaders are held accountable for the Health & Safety of the workers under their supervision, are responsible for ensuring that all machinery and equipment is operationally safe, and that all employees follow established safe work practices and procedures. A commitment to Health & Safety is an essential part of how we provide property services to you.

Managing risk is an essential service that MPS provides. The health, security and safety of people and property at all our client sites are of the utmost importance to MPS, and as such, MPS will utilize the following tools to help mitigate the risks under our control:

  • Use only experienced MPS staff of proven and demonstrated ability and knowledge
  • Documented training for all staff, including on-site familiarity
  • Reinforced industry-specific hazard recognition training
  • Use of operational JSA’s (Job Safety Analysis) to highlight the identified hazards
  • Annual training of all employees
  • Enhanced safety training
  • Comprehensive JHSC
  • Competent supervisors with knowledge of the Ontario Health & Safety Act
  • Worksite Harassment / Violence Training
  • Worksite Safety Inspections conducted and analyzed
  • Timely Incident / Accident Reporting and Investigations

Because of our dedication to Workplace Health & Safety, MPS has a 5-year WSIB rating of 0.00 and has won the prestigious SIMA Safety Award from 2009-2019 consecutively.

Operation Employee award
Safety Award
Safety Award
Safety Award