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The roots of MPS Property Services Ltd. go all the way back to 1985.  With no summer job, but an entrepreneurial spirit, Jim Monk began “Superstudent Property Services”, with the goal of mowing lawns in order to pay his university tuition.  Operating out of a used Chevy S-10,  Jim learned valuable lessons in horticulture.  For example, plant identification was an important skill, which helped to differentiate weeds from perennials.  Practicing in Mrs. Johnson’s garden, Jim quickly discovered what happens when prized daisies are removed instead of weeds!  Once through school, wanderlust took over, and Jim spent the next 2 winters backpacking through Europe (witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989), then Australia, New Zealand Fiji, Hawaii and Southeast Asia.

Upon return from his travels, Jim met his future wife, Janice, and with a family on the way, knew it was time to either get a “real” job, or turn Superstudent into a real business.  Jim chose the latter, renamed the company Markham Property Services, and began to offer snow plowing services for his residential maintenance customers.  At the same time, jim took on a partner in longtime friend and rugby teammate, Dave Gallifent.  Dave had been running his own company, Greenwood Landscape, which provided residential landscape design-build services.

The company focussed on the residential market for a number of years until commercial clients began to become a better fit for the young company.  Eventually the residential maintenance and snow plowing services were taken over by a former employee, and MPS focussed on commercial maintenance and snow management services, as well as residential landscape construction. Growth in the commercial sector was rapid as MPS took on large clients such as American Express, AC Neilsen and Great West Life.  Snow became a major focus for MPS as liability and safety concerns forced property owners to contract top tier companies. Sunnybrook hospital, Centenary hospital, Ontario Science Centre and Centennial College are part of the snow portfolio today.

During the transition to commercial grounds maintenance and snow management, MPS continued to focus on landscape design build services.  With highly skilled installation crews, we love to create and build fantastic oases and outdoor living spaces!

As the company grew, it was necessary to relocate the yard and shop several times; now we operate out of a 3 acre space with a 12,000 square foot building.  In this space, we have our own dedicated team of mechanics to keep all of our wheels turning.  With a dedicated, long term management team in place; Jim and Dave, and the whole MPS team, look forward to continued growth, and continuing to develop new business relationships!

Jim MonkJim Monk

President | Co-Owner

Jim oversees the day-to-day business and provides the strategic vision and planning for the company. Jim, a Certified Snow Professional (SIMA), attended the University of Western Ontario, has been married for over 23 years and has three daughters. The day-to-day challenges of running and growing a business in a very demanding industry is something that Jim especially enjoys, as is working with the people at MPS. Outside of work, Jim is heavily involved in coaching and watching rugby, spending time with his family and his dog, Finnegan. Jim also enjoys travelling and hopes to do more in the future.

Dave GalifentDave Gallifent

Vice-President | Co-Owner

In addition to his role of Vice-President, Dave serves as the company’s Sales Manager. His roles include a wide range of meetings with customers and employees, as well as actively designing landscape construction projects. Dave graduated from Humber College with a Landscape Technician degree, and joined MPS in 1987. MPS in his own words is ‘his life” and Dave greatly enjoys working with the many varied clients he encounters. Spending time at his cottage is one of Dave’s favourite non-work activities, which he enjoys with his wife, son and daughter.

Darryl SniderDarryl Snider

General Manager

Darryl joined MPS in 2010 after attending St. Lawrence College, and quickly worked his way to becoming the company’s Sales & Service Manager. Now, Darryl is transitioning into the role of General Manager. He is excited to witness the changes and growth occurring at MPS and the opportunity for him to grow professionally. The variation in work between the summer & winter seasons, and spending time with people who share a similar work ethic and vision are important factors while on the job. Darryl is active in the rugby community when he is away from his desk or phone; continuing to play at a high level and offering his experience as a coach, helping the Humber College Hawks to 3 consecutive OCAA Championships.

Mark DavidsonMark Davidson

Senior Operations Manager

Mark is the Senior Operations Manager at MPS, overseeing the Maintenance, Enhancement and Construction divisions. Mark graduated from Humber College with a Landscape Technician degree and gets tremendous satisfaction from seeing a project through from start to finish. Mark has been with MPS for over 10 years and enjoys its friendly, family-oriented culture, and is keen to help the company grow. Mark is married, with two young children and loves to hit the golf course in his spare time.

Kalin Clein

Landscape Construction Manager

Kalin joined our team in the fall of 2018 as our new Landscape Construction Project Manager! Growing up in Unionville and Aurora, Kalin spent most of his younger years doing everything from fabricating machines for his dad’s printing business, to building jumps in the backyard for his dirt bike. After receiving his C.E.T. and working several years for GHD as a field engineer, he decided to follow his passion for landscaping and bring his expertise over to the MPS family. One of Kalin’s favourite aspects of MPS is the “family business” dynamic. The close community of employees allows for a fun and friendly working environment, which allows Kalin to work efficiently and still have time for a laugh or two!  Kalin’s goal in his new position is to increase productivity and create an even more seamless gap between landscape design and construction of the projects. Outside of work, Kalin enjoys spending time pursuing his passion for bodybuilding and spending weekends at his cottage.

Kenny JorgensonKen Jorgenson

Health & Safety and Training Manager

Ken has been at MPS since 1989 where he currently fulfills several roles; including Health & Safety Manager, chair of the Joint Health & Safety Committee, and winter snow removal operations Dispatcher. He is a Certified Snow Professional (SIMA) and attended both McGill and York Universities. Ken enjoys the work experience at MPS for its friendly, team-oriented atmosphere, the varied roles in different seasons, and the ability to balance work and personal time. Ken is heavily involved in coaching rugby, and enjoys reading, writing and art in addition to outdoor sports.

Jenna MonkJenna Monk

Human Resources & Multimedia Outreach

Jenna, a recent Queen’s University graduate, has been a team member at MPS since 2011. Originally working in the Enhancement division, she has recently moved into the office to manage the HR and multi-media requirements of the company. Jenna finds that work is never boring at MPS and enjoys seeing the company grow while being rewarded for hard work. Outside of work, Jenna likes to keep active, going to the cottage and spending time with friends.

Eric Ruberto

Sales & Customer Service Representative

Eric is one of the newest additions to the MPS team, joining us in the summer of 2017. Eric’s journey in the landscape industry began at the City of Mississauga’s Horticultural maintenance department. He then went on to develop his sales experience at CDI Computers. Using both his horticultural knowledge and sales experience, Eric worked at the Sheridan Nurseries headquarters in horticultural sales, specifically to landscape companies. Eric’s primary roles at MPS include acquiring new clients and ensuring customer satisfaction!  Outside of work Eric enjoys spending time with his family and fishing. Eric is excited to be involved with and learn about the snow industry.

Amy Peletier

Landscape Designer & Sales Associate

MPS is excited to grow its landscape design division by welcoming Amy to the team!  Amy grew up working alongside her family designing, building and renovating homes. While receiving her C.E.T. in Architecture, she realized her passion for landscape design. A background in architecture allows Amy to seamlessly incorporate landscape designs into the existing style of the home. Amy is most excited to work with clients and bring their landscape dreams to reality. On her time off Amy enjoys staying active and dedicates time to her Bulldog, Dudley.

Amanda Catell

Enhancement & Grounds Maintenance Manager

Amanda joined MPS in the spring of 2016 as an Enhancement Division Crew Leader, and immediately demonstrated her strong leadership skills, work ethic and passion for the landscaping industry. Growing up in Pickering, and then Uxbridge, Amanda spent her summers and weekends cutting lawns and landscaping for a local landscape company. After graduating from Social Services at Durham College, Amanda turned down a job offer in her field of study, to pursue her passion of landscaping and to gain valuable ‘Life Experience’. During Amanda’s first year at MPS her work ethic, quality of work and positive attitude did not go unnoticed by the management staff, and allowed her to naturally transition into the role of Grounds Maintenance and Enhancement Manager. Amanda’s favourite aspects of MPS are the team environment, the opportunities for advancement, and the passion that all employees have towards achieving the same goals. Outside of work Amanda spends her time enjoying the outdoors, playing baseball in the summer, and cooking.

MPS mechanic Don Grant

Don Grant

Lead Mechanic

Don fills one of the most important roles here at MPS, acting as our lead Mechanic. He and his team oversee maintenance and repairs of our entire fleet, including vehicles as well as small and large equipment.

Some would say this is his stomping ground, as he grew up in the Victoria Park area and attended Centennial College. Don has a great deal of experience, and has touched almost every aspect of the industry. He became a licensed mechanic at the age of 18, with inter provincial standings, and has been in the industry ever since. He actually stumbled into this trade by accident, when during his grade 9 volunteer course he was unable to find work as a machinist and ended up at Yarney’s Auto Center. He now says he couldn’t imagine doing anything else, and we’re glad he’s decided to do it here! Don is most proud of being recognized for scoring the highest grade on his Emission Test & Repair exam. Don has two grown children, and enjoys spending his free time playing in a band and working with his hands.

Deanna CurtisDeanna Curtis

Office Manager

Deanna handles many roles at MPS in her position as Office Manager, including payroll, invoicing, and supervising the payables & receivables accounts, building maintenance and general administration of the office. Deanna has been with MPS since 2008 and has enjoyed working with and building relationships with staff, customers and vendors. She is passionate about cooking, enjoys reading and has two grown children; a son and a daughter.

Construction & Enhancement Crew Leaders

Our Construction Crew Leaders are responsible for organizing the job site and staff in order to ensure projects get completed on time at high level of quality. They are professional, hard-working and detail oriented. They have good organizational and leadership skills, which allows them to oversee and coordinate their job site, equipment, materials and crew members. While our Crew Leaders come from many different backgrounds, they all fit into our company’s vision of setting the standard for landscape and grounds maintenance services.

Grounds Maintenance Crew Leaders

Our Grounds Maintenance Crew Leaders are responsible for ensuring and overseeing that our commercial sites receive total property care! They are hardworking individuals who specialize in organization and leadership, running crews of 2-3 other employees. MPS Grounds Maintenance leaders have an eye for detail and make sure your properties look the best they can.

Mechanic Staff

The Mechanics at MPS Property services are the heartbeat of our company. They ensure that our hundreds of pieces of equipment and trucks are maintained, operational, and most importantly, safe! They love their jobs, and can almost always be found rocking out to music in the shop.

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