10 Signs of an Outdated Landscape

Is your landscape outdated? How to tell if your landscape is out of style.

Before and After Picture of Front Yard

Generally, at this time of year, the snow is slowly melting away and revealing the landscape beneath it. You might be noticing your landscape looks a little different than you remember? In the spring you are looking at your landscape with fresh eyes, and without the full summer growth that can blur the condition of your landscape features.  This is the ideal time to really assess the state of your landscape and start planning for the future!

Landscapes are not meant to last forever; on average, a professional landscape design & build should last 15-20 years. At this time, the landscape will generally require re-planting, a lift and re-lay of the stones, or just a general refresh. Some landscape elements, such as interlock patio stones, have a lifespan of 30+ years if they are well maintained. Large shrubs and small trees have a life expectancy of 7-10 years before they become overgrown and commonly start crowding the plants around them.

Landscape styles and trends tend to change over time too. The popular landscape styles 20+ years ago included Frontenac accent stones, small interlock paving stones and lots of curvy circular designs. Today, we are seeing the use of large interlock patio stones, modern geometrical designs, neutral earth tone colour palettes and armour stone accents. Just like the style of your home, your landscape will require updating too.

Here are 10 signs your landscape is outdated:

    1. Overgrown trees and plants
    2. Landscape designs with lots of curving pathways
    3. Small interlock paving stones
    4. Circular patios and landscape features
    5. Failing or crumbling retaining walls, porches etc..
    6. Un-even or heaved interlock patios stones
    7. Staining on interlock patio stones, paved driveways or decks
    8. Rotting wood on decks or fences
    9. Outdated light fixtures
    10. Pink and red interlock paving stones

Before and After of front landscaping

Does your landscape have one or more signs of an outdated landscape? Do not worry, there are many ways to update and refresh your landscape! Speak with one of our professional landscape designers today, and start loving your landscape again.