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Jobs in Snow Removal and Snow & Ice Management

MPS Snow Crew at work

Do you think you have what it takes to work in snow removal? Snow removal work is definitely not for the faint of heart! It takes commitment, dedication, and perseverance but the benefits of good pay, the sense of accomplishment you will experience, and time off during the winter months is worth it!

The MPS snow removal season officially begins Nov. 1 and runs through to April 30th; however, snow work is only required when there is snow falling or conditions become icy. Typically, December, January, and February are the busiest months for snow removal work in the GTA.

MPS only provides commercial snow removal services. If you’re not familiar with the snow removal industry, you might be wondering what’s the difference between residential and commercial? The biggest difference between the two is the scale of work involved, a commercial plaza or office building requires much larger equipment and more time to service than residential driveways. At MPS we only operate heavy equipment for commercial snow plowing, plowing with large front-end loaders allows the operators to push heavy piles of snow across large areas of asphalt.

All winter positions at MPS are on-call and weather dependent. This means we look for individuals with flexible schedules, who don’t mind working odd hours or driving in winter conditions. We typically receive the most snowfalls at night, so this is when most snow removal work is completed.

Seasonal industries and positions that work well with MPS’ snow work include machine operators, heavy equipment operators, construction workers, paving companies, summer-only landscapers, roofing, and general labourers.

Available Positions for Snow Removal Operations

Field Staff:

  • Walkway Shovellers: Our walkway crews are responsible for clearing snow from and/or salting commercial walkways, entrances, and stairs. These crews of 2-3 people use shovels, snow blowers, and “SnowRator” walkway plows to effectively clear the snow.
  • Salt Truck Operators: To salt commercial parking lots, our salt truck operators drive large trucks with salt-spreader units on the back.
  • Snow Plow Operators: Snow Plow Operators use front end loaders, equipped with 5-way angle blades, to plow and pile snow on commercial parking lots.
  • Field Supervisors: The role of a field supervisor is to over-see and assist the walkway shovellers and plow operators in the performance of their duties.

Operations Staff:

  • Dispatchers
  • Mechanics
  • Office Support Staff

MPS has provided snow removal work for almost 30 years, growing into one of the largest private commercial snow removal companies in the GTA. During the winter months, our number of skilled field staff grows significantly to be able to provide the highest level of snow and ice management to our customers – this means we have multiple opportunities for individuals looking for jobs in snow removal.

MPS offers high hourly wages, bonuses, and monthly standby pay for all positions. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a member of our Winter Snow Team