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Where to Donate Clothes and Other Items in Markham

Donation Box With Clothes

Whether you’re making room for a new seasonal wardrobe or are looking for ways to help the less fortunate, donating clothes can benefit you, the community and the environment.  

Below, we discuss where to drop off second-hand clothes in the city of Markham.  

How to Recycle Clothes 

Clothes that are in good condition have no place in landfills. High-quality fabrics can be worn and washed again and again, making it much more sustainable to recycle and reuse them. Plus, thrifting and buying vintage is more popular now than ever.  

Generally, recycling clothes is easy. If you’re savvy with a sewing machine, you could repurpose the fabrics of pieces you don’t wear anymore. Or, you could donate clothes which is even easier and can help someone in need.  

Additionally, it’s a good idea to donate clean clothes that have minimal imperfections. Most thrift stores and donation centres do not have the means to wash all the clothes that come to them, so you’ll be doing the next owner of your clothes a favour by having them cleaned beforehand.  

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Where to Donate Clothes in Markham, ON 

Are you doing a closet cleanout and want to know the best places to donate clothes? Below, we list the most popular and accessible places to drop off clothes in Markham.  

 1. Markham Thrift Stores 

Thrift stores are a popular place to dump hauls of old clothes. Most thrift stores have an accessible bin right in the front of the store where you can drop off bags of clothes and other items. Thrift store workers will then sort through these items and price them according to their condition, quality and style.  

Markham has several well-known thrift store, including Value Village, The Salvation Army and the Habitat ReStore.  

Thrift stores in Markham: 

  • Value Village – 7655 Markham Road 
  • The Salvation Army – 9293 Markham Rd 
  • Habitat ReStore – 7701 Woodbine Ave 
  • Plato’s Closet – 1210 Castlemore Ave 
  • Care & Share Thrift Shop – 33 Ringwood Dr 

 2. Markham Textile Donation Bins 

There are several textile donation bins located throughout the city. All items donated to these bins go to people in need and are not resold for a profit. You can place clothes, shoes and even damaged items in these bins. According to the city of Markham’s website, textile donation bins can be found at any local recycling depot, including: 

  • Markham Village Recycling Depot – 6041 Highway 7 East 
  • Milliken Mills Recycling Depot – 7660 Kennedy Road 
  • Thornhill Recycling Depot – 5 Green Lane 
  • Unionville Recycling Depot -139A Main Street 

MPS Property Services is happy to help those in Markham give back to their community and adopt more sustainable practices. Contact our team today if you have any questions about the community in general or are curious to know how MPS gives back. We’ll be happy to answer any inquiries you may have.