What to Know About Living in Markham

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Located just 30 km northwest of downtown Toronto, with a population of 340 000, Markham, Ontario, is a wonderful place to call home. With one of the lowest crime rates of any Canadian urban centre, Markham is a quintessential cross-section of the Canadian dream. This guide to living in Markham will break down the most popular neighbourhoods in the city and some fun activities you can do year-round. 

Great Neighborhoods to Live with a Family in Markham 

East Markham makes up the neighbourhoods of Greensborough, Cornell and Box Grove, which are popular with young families. This is partly due to location—the neighbourhoods are very close to Milliken Hills and its surrounding area, where IBM, Oracle, Motorola and Honeywell have offices. It is also appealing because the homes are affordable. Many homes in this area are townhomes and duplexes with multigenerational dwellings.  

Another area with plenty of affordable houses is South Markham, with homes built in the 70s and 80s that offer a great bang for your buck in terms of square footage. 

For those with a bigger budget, there are many beautiful houses with breathtaking historical features in West and Central Markham. West Markham, in particular, has many large one-acre lots, including sprawling estate homes with triple garages. As a result, there are many possibilities for custom landscaping to make the outdoor spaces unique. 

If you are a golf aficionado, check out the communities of Angus Glen and Berczy Village in Central Markham. These are communities that have been built entirely around golf courses, making it one of the best areas to live in Markham, Ontario. 

Things to Do in Markham 

The Markham fair is an annual occasion that attracts 80,000 people. It is put on by the Agricultural Society. Markham also offers many hiking and cycling trails, indoor swimming pools and skating rinks. The community also has a museum and a public library.  

The historical districts in Markham are laden with buildings that are 200 years old and have been converted into shops and boutiques. Central Markham offers a historic, picturesque experience of old Ontario living.  

In addition, there are plenty of quality restaurants in Markham that focus on Asian and Indian cuisine. You’ll also find excellent Italian restaurants too.  

If you like shopping, CF Markville Mall houses over 140 stores, including all the big brands and amenities one would expect in a large, urban shopping mall. 

Living in Markham as a Newcomer 

Markham provides support for newcomers by offering language interpretation services and vocational training. In a community like Markham, the Canadian dream is possible. Markham is one of the most educated, dynamic, and prosperous centres in Canada, where all are welcome. 

Regardless of the neighbourhood or type of dwelling you choose, reach out to MPS Property Services team today to discuss the possibilities.  

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