7 Winter Landscape Trees You Should Plant This Year | Beautiful Colours All Year Long

red winter berry on branch

Canadian winters can leave your property looking bare and colourless. However, there are many species of trees and bushes you can plant that will maintain beautiful colours all year long. Here are seven winter landscape trees that add unexpected punches of colour to keep your gardens looking lovely even in the dead of winter.

1. Lacebark Elm

We tend to focus on leaves and flowers for colour, but never underestimate the colours added by bark and branches. One of the best trees for winter colour, the Lacebark Elm is a perfect example of how a tree barren of leaves can still add texture and interest to your garden. Its textured bark has a flakey appearance that is dappled with shades of tan, gray, and red.

2. Quaking Aspen

Another tree with intriguing bark, the Quaking Aspen’s trunk is flecked with colourful green and black markings. It’s at its best in the fall when the trunk contrasts with its lovely yellow, orange, and gold leaves, but maintains its appeal even when the leaves have fallen.

3. Sargent Crabapple

You’ve probably seen these hearty trees with their fruit still clinging to the branches long past the first snowfall. Its bright red fruit really makes an impact against the white of snow and also against its own bare branches. Although trees that bloom in cold weather aren’t really blooming but instead holding onto their fruit, it still adds a hopeful feel that spring will return soon.

4. Snowdrift Crabapple

This tree gets its name from the orange-red fruit that hangs on into the winter. As with any fruit or berry-bearing trees, it also attracts birds to your garden in the winter months.

Adding trees that are colourful year-round can enhance your curb appeal. To learn more about what can add curb appeal to your landscaping, contact our team at MPS Property Services today.

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Pine cones on branches in snow

5. Colorado Blue Spruce

Leave it to the evergreens to add a splash of colour to your winter landscape. They feel so festive when the snow falls and remain a constant blue-green that has made them a favourite for Christmas trees. They are also practical as a natural windbreak or privacy screen.

6. Deodar Cedar

Trees that look good in winter tend to be trees that stay green in the winter. This graceful evergreen is known for its soft green needles and weeping branches. However, it also produces an unusual assortment of pinecones with both female and male cones growing on one tree. The female cones have a delicate “petal” look similar to a rose.

7. Japanese Yew Plant

The bright yellow-green colour of this evergreen stands up to harsh winters and can be planted as ground cover or left to grow into a tree. It will even survive when properly planted in a large urn.

8. Honourable Mentions

To make the most of your winter garden, you can also consider planting colourful shrubs that really perform in the winter including:

  • Winterberry Holly: Not surprisingly this popular holiday greenery thrives in the winter months. Its festive dark green leaves and red berry clusters are the ultimate way to add a touch of colour and vibrance to the starkness of the winter garden.
  • Red Twig Dogwood: Trees aren’t the only plants showing off their colourful trunks and branches in the winter. The distinct bright red branch of this shrub adds a stunning contrast to the pure white snow.
  • Snowberry: A great way to attract birds to your garden, this delicate shrub has small leaves and lovely white berries although you can sometimes find pink and red berry varieties.
  • Firethorn: You really get your money’s worth with this shrub as it produces lovely flowers from spring to mid-summer and then grows red, orange, or yellow berries in the fall and winter.

Want to have trees that look beautiful all year round? We’ve got you covered. Contact our team at MPS Property Services today to learn more about winter trees for your landscaping.