8 Fun Outdoor Games & Activities to Play with Your Kids this Summer

Little girl throwing a frisbee to her family

Once the temperatures warm up and it starts feeling more like summer, our attention inevitably turns to the outdoors. It’s no secret that life was quite different last summer and seems like it might be again, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and make it memorable for your kids. Sometimes, the most simple games create the best memories, and these games and activities are sure to make it a special summer, even if your options are limited.  

1. Frisbee 

Before your kids can really understand the positioning required for games like soccer, they can still enjoy tossing a frisbee back and forth. It doesn’t require much physical strength and kids of all ages can usually play together.  

2. Bean Bag Toss 

With some dishes and bean bags, you can set up a fun bean bag toss challenge for the kids. Ask kids to aim for the pans, and put them progressively farther away to heighten the challenge. 

3. Water Balloon Dodgeball 

Cool off and have some fun with balloons full of water. We suggest you divide the family into two teams and have two buckets of water balloons for throwing. It’s also a good idea to divide family members of varying skill levels so it’s a fair fight.  

4. Nature Scavenger Hunt 

If you have access to a nature area or park, you can design a scavenger hunt to challenge kids of any age. For younger children, choose simple objects like stones and leaves. Get more specific for older children and ask for different leaves, bugs and birds and then cross them off as they see them. 

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Young boy and grandmother playing soccer outside in the backyard.

5. Capture the Flag 

If you have a few children of about the same age, capture the flag is a great game to play. Any kind of fabric can be the flag. Be sure to set contact rules before you start! 

6. Four Square 

Chalk and a driveway are all you need for this one. Draw four squares onto the pavement and number them one to four. Have one kid sit in each square and make up rules about how and when players can pass the ball. Part of the fun as a kid is making up your own rules. 

7. Hop Scotch 

You have the chalk out, so why not let the kids be creative and draw a hopscotch board? Show them a few tricks if they have never played the game before. 

8. Red Light, Green Light 

Set up an area for kids to run; ideally in a straight line. Ask one child to be the conductor, who tells kids “green light” for go and “red light” for stop. The first kid to cross the finish line without moving on “red light” wins and gets to play conductor next. 

Looking for some fun ways to entertain your kids this summer? Ditch the electronics and play outside! Create an outdoor space adults and kids will enjoy all summer long, contact our team of experts we would be happy to help!