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A Buyers Guide For Selecting Patio Stones

interlocking stone

From small residential patios to large commercial and city projects, interlocking stone has earned its place as a versatile and aesthetically pleasing landscape design option. However, when it comes to interlocking stone, most people know very little about the products themselves. From classic brick to travertine, or cobblestone pavers, the choices available through interlocking stone manufacturers are many. To help you in your decision, here is a buyer’s guide for selecting stones for your next patio, driveway or stone overlay project.
Outdoor design projects that incorporate interlocking stone can add value, style and visual appeal to any residential or commercial property. There are many options, each with its own merits. Let’s start with the simplest and most common options. There are generally two main types of paving stones: manufactured and natural. Concrete pavers are manufactured in all different shapes, sizes and colours, some with the artistry of old-world texture and other precast options which are simpler in design. These concrete pavers are durable, weather proof and provide many versatile options for landscape design. Brick is the second kind of manufactured stone option. Again, brick stones come in all different colours and styles; they’re extremely strong and durable, and provide designers with endless design options. With the right design, the right team, and the right skill, an interlocking stone project is only limited by the imagination of the people completing it.
Depending on the company you contract for your interlocking stone services, you should be able to consider other options for your stone. Cobblestones, for example, were the historical norm in many ancient cities. These natural stone pavers provide a unique old-world appeal to any landscaping project, from patios to driveways. Flagstone provides a great option for patios and pool areas because they don’t absorb heat. They are usually cut from stone quarry and be custom cut for your project. Bluestone and granite are two other available options. Bluestone is a natural stone comprised of sand and other particles, and its unique bluish grey colour adds a distinct flair to any design. Granite, on the other hand, is a beautiful option for interlocking stone, but it can be expensive.
No matter what type of landscape stone you choose, make sure you hire professional company, experienced with interlocking stone services for the installation.