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Backyard Technology for Bird Lovers


Blue Jay on branch in Fall
I recently came across an innovative product that seems perfect for a fun, interesting and educational project for the yard; quite literally, a photo booth for birds!
The various “birdcam” feeders are affordable ($60 – $180), can be set up quickly & easily, and will take professional quality images of the birds from just inches away. Available at Bird Photo Booth, there are two options for setup.
Option 1 uses their 4k motion-activated, wi-fi bird camera that is specifically designed for their Bird Photo Booth weatherproof enclosure.
Option 2 uses your own IOS / Android phone (or GoPro) inside the weatherproof enclosure with a Bluetooth remote control, or even your phones own motion detector App.
Birds on feeder
By adding water and different types of bird seed (to attract different types of birds) to the feeder, and having positioned the feeder in an attractive, safe location, the camera will automatically take photos of the birds that you attract. Photos can be accessed at any time with your phone or tablet, and the camera is quickly charged when necessary with your own charging cord!
Bird on flowers

There is plenty of information and helpful tips on the company’s website, along with a selection of photos and videos to illustrate what the bird cams are capable of. I have ordered one for myself, and will let you know how it all turns out (hopefully with lots of photos too).

– Ken Jorgenson