Commercial Spring Newsletter 2017

Snow Removal with a CAT 416 Loader

SPRING is finally right around the corner but before we can all begin to enjoy the warmer weather and all the great things that go along with the season’s change, it is always prudent to spend some time and take care of a little “Spring Cleaning” on your commercial property.

While statistically this past winter was average when measured for snowfall amounts and number of service events, it was most unusual in other ways that may have affected your property in a negative way.

Feb. 2017 temperature fluctuations

The constant swing from cold to unseasonably warm temperatures throughout the winter and the high volume of freezing rain that fell, both stood out in what was otherwise an unexceptional snow season. Unfortunately, each of these circumstances may have produced hazardous conditions that can cause problems at your site.

1. Trip Hazards
uneven sidewalk
Heaved or sunken sections of interlock paving, caused by our seasonal freeze-thaw cycle, can create a significant trip and fall hazard on your walkways and patio areas. A quick “lift & relay” repair of the affected section or area will not only improve the aesthetics of your property, but also make it much safer for pedestrian traffic.
2. Tree Damage 
tree damaged by snow
Damage to trees caused by excessive ice build-up during freezing rain storms should be examined, with dangerous or broken branches removed as a precaution. In addition, maintaining optimal tree health by regular pruning, dead-cutting and deep root fertilization will maximize tree health and lifespan, and minimize potential health & safety hazards.
3. Parking Lot Dirt and Debris
Debris left from snow pile
Power sweeping is a quick and efficient way to get rid of the unsightly dirt and debris that is inevitably produced by snow plowing and piling operations.


MPS is proud to offer these and other additional services that can be used to improve the look and safety of your property. These services include:

  • Power Sweeping / Washing – having your parking lot areas mechanically swept and washed is a greatway to remove unwanted dirt & debris which can be both an eyesore and attract weed growth, especially near snow piling locations.
  • Annuals/Flower Planting – bright, colourful flowers can almost instantly beautify any property! Perennial plants, flowers & shrubs of all types can also be quickly installed by MPS crews to bring that “wow” factor to your site.

annual flowers

  • Line Painting – having clearly marked parking spots and directional arrows can optimize your property’s traffic flow and organization.

parking lot lines

  • Top Dress & Seed – this process is a great way to promote a healthy lawn by reducing weed infestation and encouraging vigorous turf growth.

grass seeds

  • Irrigation System Service & Repair – you can make your existing irrigation system more efficient and save water by having your timer and spring heads updated regularly and/or having a rain sensor installed.

lawn sprinkler

  • Vacant Lot Cutting – if you own or maintain a vacant lot that needs cutting just a few times per season let us know; we can easily take care of it for you!

lawn tractor

Check Out This Commercial Project!

The installation of new gardens, retaining walls, interlock pavers, and armour stone steps have completely changed the look of this commercial property. Incorporated into the design of the patio were designated emergency walkways, outlined in darker interlock, leading from the emergency exits on the building. Not only is this design beautiful and updated, it serves a safety purpose! For more pictures of this newly completed commercial projected, click here!