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MPS’s First Blog Post!

Welcome to the first MPS Blog!

My name is Jim Monk and as president, I was “voluntold” that I’d be writing the first post. Awesome! With so many cool things happening at MPS, the challenge is where to start? In the future, we’ll also have other team members posting interesting things that are happening here at MPS. It could be about a project we’re creating, a site we maintain, or even something that someone is doing outside of work that may be interesting. I can’t wait to see what we collectively produce!
For the first topic, I pondered writing about something landscape related. But as I reflected on our company, there are two things occurring behind the scenes that really stand out. One is the revamp of our HR program ( to be addressed next Blog) and second, is the realization of a commitment we made some months ago to improve our digital presence. We’re really proud of the work we do here, and we want everyone to know it! We also want people who are interested in working with us, to be able to easily find us . So, we undertook a process to re-design our website, make it mobile, easier to navigate, have more content, tons of photos, and to tell the story of who we are. Of course, nothing ever goes quite as planned, and it took a lot of collective effort to gather photos, bios, and create content. We engaged a talented web designer (hey, we’re landscapers!) to bring it all to life . We’re excited by the results, and hope you’ll find it useful as well. If there’s anything we’re missing, or should provide more of, let us know. We don’t view this as a finished product.
In conjunction with our website, we’re also putting ourselves “out there”, through the use of social media, and by producing a quarterly newsletter. The newsletter was a bit of a challenge, as, in essence, we provide two very distinct services to two very distinct clientele. We provide Grounds Maintenance and Snow & Ice Management services to corporate clients, as well as Landscape Design-Build services, primarily to residential clients. Each type of customer has very separate needs and interests, so we were stuck with the conundrum of how to engage both. Our solution was to divide our website into two separate sections (Homeowner and Property Manager). We also decided to produce two versions of the newsletter for the same reason. A little extra work, but we’re happy with the results, and hope our clients (and potential clients!) will be, too! If you’d like to be included on our mailing list, click here to sign up.
We’ve also committed to social media. Being of just such an age that social media was never a part of our DNA, our management team had never embraced this form of communication. Not that we didn’t recognize its importance, we simply had never really used it, or made it a priority. Well, the newer, younger members of our team pushed for it, and now we’re on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and will soon be on a few other platforms as well. We also have a presence on Houzz, which is an awesome home design website. We love the communication opportunities that these platforms present, and look forward to interacting through whatever medium you prefer.
Next week I’ll be writing about our HR program, and what that means for the company.
Thanks for reading,
Jim Monk
Jim Monk