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Hidden Dangers on Commercial Properties

AC turf

Are there hidden dangers lurking on your commercial property?

It is never a bad decision to spend a little bit of time re-evaluating your commercial property with an eye to identify any potential hazards that could lead to serious health & safety or liability issues down the road.
In today’s business climate, making simple repairs or changes before these hidden dangers get out of control is always a prudent strategy, and should become a regular part of your best practices handbook. The most common hidden dangers we come across day-after-day can include the following:

  • Low-hanging or dead tree branches, especially near walkways or driveway entrances, can be a risk to both pedestrians and moving vehicles, and can also block visibility for vehicles pulling out into traffic. Raising the canopies of existing trees to a desirable level, and cutting out dead, diseased or damaged branches will improve the health of the trees while making their surroundings less hazardous.


  • Heaved or sunken sections of interlocking paving stones or asphalt are not only a trip & fall hazard, but can also lead to pools of ice (slip & fall hazard) forming during the winter season. Quite often, a simple “lift and re-lay” will fix this risk.


  • Inadequately marked traffic lanes or pedestrian crossing areas can create situations where people or vehicles are placed in a dangerous situation. By having distinct and clearly marked lines, directional arrows, signs and crosswalks prominently displayed, your property’s traffic flow and organization are optimized while reducing risk & liability at the same time.


  • Providing adequate exterior lighting is yet another means of mitigating risk and increasing the site security of your property; ensuring that workers, visitors and any other workplace parties can freely move about your site safely.

A thorough site assessment to identify these and other hidden dangers is an essential first step in making your property as safe as possible for all staff and visitors. MPS is always available to assist with these evaluations, and will gladly help in restoring your property to its safest possible state!

– Ken Jorgenson