Highway of Heroes Living Tribute

Treet planting ceremony at Centennial College
November is a time for remembrance, so it’s fittingShovels used for the HOH tribute tree planting ceremony that this past week MPS was honoured to take part in a tree planting ceremony for the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute. The HOH Tribute is a foundation started by Mark Cullen, possibly Canada’s best known gardener. The foundation’s goal is to plant 117,000 trees to honour each of the Canadian soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for Canada since confederation. When we were contacted by Landscape Ontario to be a part of this project, we happily said yes. Our job was to supply the tree and labour for the ceremony. The tree was planted on the Centennial College Progress Campus, which is located adjacent to the Highway of Heroes. We look forward to seeing the many new trees planted along the Highway of Heroes corridor from Trent to Toronto. Click here to find out how you can get involved in this amazing organization.
Mark Cullen presenting at the HOH Tribute Ceremony
Mark Cullen presenting Ann Buller with Tulips at the HOH Tribute Ceremony
Ceremonially planting the tree
Jenna Monk