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How to Get Your Patio Ready for Spring 

Wood Deck with furniture and flower pots

Spring is here, the weather is warming up and you want to start spending more time outdoors. To fully enjoy the outdoors oasis that you have created you will want to get your patio ready for the upcoming seasons. Here’s our expert advise on how to get your patio ready for spring and summer.  

Inspect and Clean  

Winters are harsh in Canada. The cold weather and the amount of snowfall we receive every winter can cause damage to your patio. Take the time to inspect your patio and assess any damage that may have occurred over the winter. Common damage to look out for is, splits in wood decks, cracked stones and loose handrails.   

Over the winter there can be a buildup of dirt, debris and salt, and it is wise to clean your patio prior to adding furniture. Most interlocking patios, wood decks, siding and steps can be pressure washed. Due to the fading a natural wood deck may need to be stained to bring it back to life.  

Lastly, outdoor kitchens and BBQ’s will need to be cleaned and disinfected before its first use. Take the time to ensure that all outdoor appliances and other electronic equipment is working as it should be.  

Prepare the Furniture 

Once your patio has been inspected and cleaned, it is time to think about your furniture. Furniture that was cleaned and kept indoors over the winter, can simply be brought out and stylized. Furniture that was kept outdoors, should be inspected for damage and cleaned of any dirt and debris that has developed over the winter prior to being arranged 

Arranging the furniture will depend on what kind of ambiance you would like to create for your backyard oasisWhether you are looking for a family friendly space or for a romantic getaway the type of furniture you have and the way it is arranged will add to your space’s overall look and feel.   

Early Blooms  

Even though the weather is warming up, your patio landscaping may have not perked up after the long winter months. While your grass is green and your perennials have early leaves, blooms are rare. At the height of Summer, your yard will look like a lush green space, with greenery and plenty of blooms. Creating this environment in early Spring is possible, take inspiration from Easter parties and get some potted tulips and daffodils to liven up your yard. Keep up the green space in the Fall by placing potted chrysanthemums and other fall plants around your yard.  Adding greenery, whether real or plastic can help to fill any empty spaces in your landscaping year-round.

Tulips in Flower pots

Shade and Lighting 

Though we miss the sun in the winter, yards that provide no shade options in the Spring and Summer can deter your backyard use. Expertly placed shade can add to the overall look and feel of your yard while also being functional.  

Lighting is also an aesthetic feature that can be functional. Correctly placed lighting ensures that you can use your yard into the night, while also being aesthetically pleasing. Using large focal lights and smaller fairy lights provides visibility and ambiance to your backyard oasisWhen considering lighting make sure that any stairways or changes in elevation on the patio are well-lit to avoid accidents.  

Getting your patio ready for early spring can be a challenge. If you’re running out of time, or just don’t want to deal with the hassle, reach out to us. For all your patio and landscaping needs, contact the experts at MPS Property Services.