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Managing Risks & Hazards: The MPS Health & Safety Program

Maintenance Training

At MPS Property Services, the health & safety of all our team members, our clients and all worksite parties is of the utmost importance.

Building a culture of behaviour-based safety that is demonstrated day in and day out is what sets MPS apart from most property maintenance and landscaping companies. Our comprehensive health & safety program has provided MPS with an outstanding safety record, second to none, for many years. Our health & safety program is one that we are very proud of.

Our clients should expect nothing less from a service provider, and MPS will strive to make continual improvements to our program as we grow.

A key part of our health & safety best practices is to incorporate both worker safety and hazard recognition into our daily operations, and follow up with strict supervision and evaluation. Offering comprehensive training and protective equipment to all of our workers is just the beginning. Ensuring that our policies & procedures are respected and followed involves many risk management strategies, including:

  • Annual training of all employees including enhanced safety orientation for new workers
  • Job-specific safety training and review
  • Active and compliant Joint Health & Safety Committee
  • Competent supervisors with knowledge of the Ontario Health & Safety Act
  • Emergency Response training
  • Comprehensive Driver & Vehicle training (including a “road test” competency demonstration)
  • Ergonomic training for injury prevention
  • Ministry of Labour Health & Safety Awareness for Workers and Supervisors training
  • Unsafe risk-taking behaviors training
  • Hazard & risk management behaviors training
  • Weekly Worksite Safety Inspections are conducted and evaluated quarterly
  • Timely Incident Reporting and Investigations
  • Emphasis on continual hazard recognition for operational staff
  • Active participation in the WSIB / Landscape Ontario Safety Group Program
  • Active participation in Snow & Ice Management Association
  • Annual WHMIS / GHS training for all staff
  • Emergency 1st Aid / CPR training for all supervisory staff including Crew Leaders
  • Ongoing weekly “tailgate training” sessions to reinforce MPS health & safety policies and procedures and Ontario Health & Safety
  • Act requirements to all MPS staff
  • Regular customer site visits to identify and report existing on-site hazards
  • Specific job/task training highlighting safety procedures and risk management
  • Regular on-site supervision of operational staff
  • Job Safety Analyses (JSA’s) to identify potential hazards for all work on-site and appropriate procedures to minimize risk exposure to all workplace parties

Our current health & safety program policies and procedures are reviewed and/or revised annually. Our operational training is heavily weighted towards safety, with risks and hazard awareness a priority. All equipment operators are instructed to maintain vigilance and constant awareness of their surroundings at all times, and have been instructed and deemed competent to operate their machinery through a demonstrated proficiency test.

“The MPS Way” business philosophy that drives our operations has made health & safety one of the three pillars of our daily activities, along with customer service and quality of work. We want our clients, their staff and visitors to feel confident in knowing that when it comes to safety on the job, MPS is dedicated to a “zero-occurrence” operations strategy at all times!