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Spring Commercial News

Spring Has Sprung!

Hello! We are excited to be sending our first MPS Property Services digital Newsletter. As part of our company’s growth we have recognized that digital outreach is an important way to keep in contact with our customers.
Our objective in these newsletters is to keep our customers up to date with our services and projects as well as to send out tips and pieces of advice to help with your own property maintenance.
In addition to our Newsletter we have also been working hard to get our new website up and running and joining the social media world.

President’s Corner

Jim Monk

Over the years, we’ve often wondered about the best way to reach out to our customers, (and potential customers!), in order to share some timely information, discuss changes in the industry, or just talk about cool projects we’re working on.  As a result, we’ve resurrected the “MPS News”, which we originally experimented with in paper version 15 years ago! We hope to be able to share information that you might find relevant, informative, and hopefully, interesting.  If there’s anything you’d like to see covered, please feel free to let us know – we aim to please!
With the changeover from snow removal to landscaping season, there’s always the challenge of putting away and storing winter equipment, pulling out the mowers and excavators, and getting our staff re-oriented to provide our new seasonal services.  This year was no different, although the lingering winter (plowing well into April??!!)  added challenges to that (We took off plows and salters 3 times in anticipation of the arrival of spring!). We’ve made it through, and are now going full-steam building and maintaining beautiful landscapes.
This offseason, we’ve made a real commitment to improving our on-line presence.  We’ve updated our website, and have made sure to make it mobile friendly.  We have tons of photos and information on past projects, as well as staff profiles, a section for blogs where we’ll have various staff members posting  timely and relevant articles on just about anything that might be occurring with MPS.  We’ve also entered the world of social media, and you can now easily follow us on Instagram and Facebook, with an increased presence on other platforms to come.  Please feel free to take a look around, and sign up to follow us – we’d love to get any feedback on what you like, or how to improve it!
Jim Monk
President of MPS Property Services


Spring-Cleaning and Safety Tips

With liability and compliance issues becoming more and more a focal point in today’s business climate, making simple repairs before potential hazards get out of control is always a prudent strategy.
For instance; heaved or sunken sections of interlock paving, often caused by our seasonal freeze-thaw cycle, can create a significant trip and fall hazard on your walkways and patio areas. A quick “lift & relay” repair of the affected section or area will not only improve the aesthetics of your property, but also make it much safer for pedestrian traffic.
Similarly, low hanging or dead tree branches near walkways or roadways can also be a risk to both pedestrians and moving vehicles. By raising the canopies of your existing trees, and cutting out dead or storm-damaged branches, the trees will be both healthier and less hazardous to passing vehicles and pedestrians. Greater visibility and security are also realized through this simple procedure.
A thorough site assessment to identify any such hazards is an essential first step in making your property as safe as possible for all staff and visitors. MPS is always available to assist in the restoration of your property to its safest possible state!
Springtime is always a great time to re-evaluate your property with an eye to identifying those pesky little problems and imperfections which can detract from your site’s “curb appeal”, and could possibly even lead to big health & safety complications down the road if left unresolved.  A little “spring cleaning” can go a long way in helping make your property shine and look its best.
MPS is proud to offer many additional services that can be used to improve the look and feel of your property. These services include:

  • Power Sweeping / Washing – having your parking lot areas mechanically swept and washed is a great way to remove unwanted dirt & debris which can be both an eyesore and attract weed growth.
  • Annuals/Flower Planting – bright, colourful flowers can almost instantly beautify any property! Perennial plants, flowers & shrubs of all types can also be quickly installed by MPS crews to bring that “wow” factor to your site.
  • Line Painting – having clearly marked parking spots and directional arrows can optimize your property’s traffic flow and organization.
  • Top Dress & Seed – this process is a great way to promote a healthy lawn by reducing weed infestation and encouraging vigorous turf growth.
  • Irrigation System Service & Repair – you can make your existing irrigation system more efficient and save water by having your timer and spring heads updated regularly and/or having a rain sensor installed.
  • Vacant Lot Cutting – if you own or maintain a vacant lot that needs cutting just a few times per season let us know; we can easily take care of it for you!
  • Tree Work: maintaining optimal tree health by regular pruning, dead-cutting and deep root fertilization will maximize tree health and lifespan, and minimize potential health & safety hazards, especially with the ongoing infestation of Ash trees throughout the GTA.

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Mark Davidson

Mark Davidson

Mark Davidson

Sales & Operation Manager | Landscape Enhancement
Mark has been with MPS Property Services for over 10 years. He is an Operations Manager/Dispatcher during the winter months, and in the summer serves as Operations Manager, Construction and Enhancement, as well as producing commercial estimates and sales. Mark has worked in the landscape industry since he was a teenager and graduated from Humber College with a degree as a landscape technician in 2002 . After college, Mark worked in the landscape industry before starting his own painting and landscape venture. He joined MPS in 2006 after responding to a help wanted ad on Landscape Ontario’s website. Mark’s area of expertise is in Commercial and Residential enhancement.  His organizational skills and vast knowledge of both commercial and residential property enhancement make him an asset to the MPS team. Mark is known by customers and employees for his friendly and easy going personality, making him a pleasure to deal with. Mark currently resides in old Markham with his wife, Alyshia and two small children, Jake and Alexis. Mark enjoys spending his free time golfing and playing with his kids.