Summer Commercial Newsletter


SUMMER 2016 

13181378_286182758385347_738845535_nSummer is here and so is the heat! In southern Ontario we had the driest June in over 25 years and July has kicked off with week-long heatwaves. If the long range forecasts are correct we are headed for a hot & dry summer. So, in this issue we’ve included some tips on staying cool this summer! Here at MPS we are also embracing the heat and modifying our work to keep our employees working safely.

In other news, MPS has had a very busy and productive spring. Our construction crews have completed their first major projects of the summer and are moving right along. The Grounds Maintenance crews had a busy spring, and are settling into a normal schedule as the grass is slowing down. In the office we have added two new staff members, Matt Raguseo as Sales Associate and Jenna Monk as HR Coordinator and Multi-Media Outreach. In June, MPS staff attended the 19th Annual Snow & Ice Management Symposium in Providence, Rhode Island. MPS received its 9th consecutive Snow Safety Awards and had the opportunity to meet, network and learn from the leading contractors and suppliers in the industry.


The Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) is a North American trade association for snow & ice industry professionals.
Their Annual Safety Award is given to companies who promote safe and effective snow and ice removal procedures.  This award is presented to the professionals who maintained exceptional safety standards to help protect their employees, clients, and the public during the snow season.
MPS Property Services takes great pride in being a leader & innovator in the snow & ice industry, and has always emphasized Health & Safety as of primary importance in our winter season operations.13422808_249607065423099_843651063_n(1)
We are very happy to announce that MPS Property Services was a recipient of the 2015-2016 SIMA Safety Award. This marks the 9th consecutive year that we have been presented this prestigious award.
A commitment to Health & Safety is an essential part of how we provide property services to you; it is a key component of the culture and values that drive us to improve and succeed. We would like to thank each and every one of our winter team members for helping us achieve safety success.
Ken Jorgenson
Health & Safety | Training Manager


Traffic Pylons
With liability and compliance issues becoming more and more a focal point in today’s business climate, making simple improvements or repairs before potential hazards get out of control is always a prudent strategy. Traffic can be just as dangerous in a parking lot as it is on a busy town or city street. MPS Property Services can help you develop control measures that can be easily implemented to keep lots safe for your staff, visitors and clients. These include the following measures:

  • Line Painting – having clearly marked parking spots and directional arrows can optimize your property’s traffic flow and organization
  • Parking lot signage – directional indicators, speed limit posting and other cautionary signs can greatly reduce parking lot driving hazards
  • Pedestrian crossing markers – whether with signage or line painting, this is an effective way to highlight busy pedestrian crossings and reduce the risk to pedestrians on your property when traversing high traffic areas


Joe McLean 

Operation Manager | Grounds Maintenance
Joe Mclean
Joe is the Grounds Maintenance division’s Operations Manager, overseeing the equipping and supervision of his assigned staff. Joe has the important role of rallying all of his workers in the morning and supervising their work throughout the day. The staff enjoys Joe’s humor in the morning, whether they are laughing with him or at him (usually due to a coffee overload). Joe has worked at MPS since 2001 and really appreciates working with the management team at the company. As one of our most senior staff, Joe knows the ins and outs of the industry. Not only does he manage and supervise his staff, he is very knowledgeable about the tools and equipment. In his spare time, Joe likes to relax by going to the movies, hiking or spending time with his dog Sawyer.