Vertical Landscaping Elements – Walls, Steps & Pillars

Pool and backyard landscaping

What elevates a landscape design literally and figuratively? Vertical landscaping elements! Have you ever been admiring a landscape design and wondered what sets it apart from other designs you’ve seen? Chances are, it is the depth and dimension that has been carefully styled into the landscape design by incorporating vertical landscape elements. A professional landscape design goes beyond enhancing the ground, it will include the addition of vertical elements too. Vertical elements such as raised patios, retaining walls, seating benches, water/fire features, or pillars, add multi-dimension and help create a statement.

Vertical landscaping elements create depth and dimension by breaking up hard lines to create visual interest and define the space. Different building materials and textures are used to enhance vertical elements to create a statement in your landscape.

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Backyard stonework

Material options for vertical landscaping elements have increased in the past decade and are now available in a range of colours and styles to compliment your landscape design project. Building materials allow for straight or curved installations and come in a range of styles including rustic, modern, contemporary, stacked stone, aged, concrete block, and granite.

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