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When Should I Plant Annual Flowers Each Year?

Colourful flowers in pot

Annual flowers are known for their range of bright colours, various sizes and long blooming periods. They’re called ‘Annuals’ because they go through their whole life cycle in one season, new flowers need to be planted at the beginning of each summer and removed when they die in the fall. Annual flowers are a great way to improve your curb appeal and add a pop of colour to your gardens, they’re also commonly used in planters, hanging baskets and as garden borders.

Annual flowers are sensitive to cold temperatures and frost, to protect them from any late spring frost events we suggest waiting to plant them until after the May long weekend. However, don’t wait too long! Since the COVID pandemic started in 2020 there have been flower and plant shortages at the garden nurseries. We’re being told by suppliers that there might be shortages again this year, so if you’re hoping to buy specific colours or flower varieties, we suggest buying them earlier rather than later and keeping them in a warm sheltered spot.

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Some annual flower varieties we plant on Commercial properties include:


geranium annual flowers


Begonias annual flower


Impatients annual flower


Marigold annual flowers


Celosia Spring annual flowers


Alyssum annual flowers

At MPS we provide commercial planting and maintenance services, contact us today!

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