Why Choose Us? Trex vs. Stone Steps

Industry standard is changing and we want to tell you about it!
When MPS began residential landscape construction, almost 25 years ago, it was common to build stone steps or interlocking platforms right against the bricks or foundation of a house. However, over time this method started causing water and foundation issues. Stone or interlock steps that are built against the house can cause water to build up behind the stones, causing cracks in the foundation or spalling of the bricks (breaking off into fragments).
To prevent future water issues, the designers at MPS recommend a Trex step. It has become an increasingly popular option over pressure-treated wood, natural stone or interlock over the past few years. Trex is a composite deck material that resembles wood, is low-maintenance, high performing and eco-friendly. Due to the wood frame beneath the Trex deck, it allows the foundation and brick to breathe, while also allowing water to drain and not get trapped against the wall. We prefer Trex because it doesn’t need to be stained or treated, it won’t warp, crack, split or rot and it’s resistant to all pests. Trex is truly maintenance free decking! Below are some recent projects we’ve completed with Trex steps and platforms. Trex is available in numerous colours and looks great with natural stone and interlock. For more information about Trex composite decking, check out their website.  side-6
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trex 2
gtrex steps
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Jenna Monk