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Can You Start A Landscape Project in the Fall?

Can I start a landscape project in the fall? – The answer is Yes! The fall is the best time to contact a landscape contractor to begin planning your landscape project. Some landscape contractors may have immediate availability that fall or can start the design process for the following spring. Depending on the weather and ground conditions, landscape projects can continue until the frost sets in – some years this isn’t until Christmas!

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The secret to a successful landscape construction project is a properly engineered and developed design. The design process is just that, a process and not something that should be rushed! The sooner you begin planning your project the better.

MPS’ Consultation & Design Process

1. Initial call with MPS Landscape Designer
2. Design consultation at your home
3. Measurement meeting
4. 2D or 3D design created and presented to homeowner

Time is required for our design team to assess your landscape vision and ensure a seamless transition between your ‘wants’ and what your current outdoor space can achieve on your budget. Our design team will consider important elements such as elevation, drainage, city by-laws, sun exposure and so much more. It’s extremely important to consider all these elements before a shovel hits the dirt – that’s a difference between a professional and experienced landscape design company.

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City by-laws and permits are an important factor many homeowners don’t think about. Some landscape design elements will require permits, which can take weeks to months to obtain. Our landscape design team are experienced with this process and can work on your permit process through the fall/winter so your project can start as soon as the ground thaws.

By starting a landscape project in the fall, you’re taking advantage of the time required to plan your landscape design and get a head start on your project for next spring. Come the springtime you won’t be waiting for a design consultation, permits, or materials and missing out on enjoying your outdoor space.

Contact us today to start your next landscape project this fall!