Why We Love Planting In The Fall

Someone planting in the Fall

By late summer many homeowners are starting to think about fall cleanups and putting their gardens to bed in preparation for winter. Many are surprised to discover that fall is the second-best time to plant or lay sod! This is because the weather conditions in the fall are more ideal for plants and sod to establish strong roots than during the summer months. Here’s why we love planting in the fall:

  • Up to 6 weeks before the ground freezes
  • Lots of opportunities for the roots to take hold

1. Temperature

The temperatures may be cooler, but the days are typically sunny and warm. This will help protect your new plants and sod from burning out. The cooler temperature allows the ground to retain moisture, since the water doesn’t evaporate as quickly, and this combination promotes strong root establishment. We recommend planting in the fall up to 6 weeks before the ground typically freezes in your region.

2. Reliable Rainfall

When you’re planting or installing new sod, water is an extremely important factor for success. Since rainfall is more reliable during the fall than mid-summer, and isn’t evaporated as quickly, your new greenery will require less watering from you!

3. Sunlight

Fall provides enough sunlight for plants and sod to establish, but not so much that they are at risk of burning out.

4. Ready to go next spring

Planting or installing sod in the fall allows your new plants to establish themselves and gives you a head start on your landscaping for next spring!

Pro-Tip: Adding mulch to your gardens or around newly planted shrubs adds additional protection by insulating the roots and helping the soil retain water to optimize growing; please refer our blog on mulch for more information.

Stack of sod rolls