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Choosing MPS for your Landscape Project


Here’s what you can expect from MPS when you choose us for your landscape project!

1. Free Consultation!

You’ve seen us around and have decided to contact us. At that point, we will ask you for some information about the project you are looking to start. For example what type of work you’re looking to have done, what existing landscape you have and any special requests about the project.

Next we will book a free consultation at your home! This is when you can show us what you’re envisioning or we can make suggestions for a landscape design that will best suit your property. We encourage you to take a look at our Shop your Landscape Design feature on our website to understand what we can offer you within your budget., These consultation appointments are important for us to determine the scope of the work, access to the job site, and to take measurements for the design.

During your consultation, you may ask “what’s a ballpark price for the job do you think?” Unlike many companies, our MPS designers refrain from giving “ballpark pricing” on site. This is because many factors can influence the pricing of a project such as scope, access, time of year, existing site conditions etc. Until the designers sit down and put pen to paper, we do not like to make any assumptions. When your job is designed and quoted, many hours are spent ensuring the best possible solution to any existing problems and space is designed in the most efficient manor to cater to your lifestyle.

Landscape Design

2. Presentation of Design and Quote

At this time our designers get down to business, designing a 3D rendering of your project. Due to many factors, such as time of year, current workload, the scope of work etc. the timeframe of the design process can fluctuate between a couple days, to a couple weeks. If you’re looking to have your landscape project complete for the summer, we suggest starting the planning and landscape design process in the fall or winter to ensure you get optimal use out of your new landscape.

When the design is finished you’ll be presented with a 2D drawing and 3D renderings of your home, as well as the quote. At this point, you are welcome to review the information, make revisions and decide if you would like to work with MPS.

When you decide to work with us, we will present you with our MPS contract and a formal agreement to work together.

Now that you are onboard, it’s time to pick material colours! Based on the quoted materials, a few colour samples will be sent to your home for you to review and choose from. If however, you decide you want to use a different stone, the price of the project will need to be adjusted to account for this change.

A start date will be established once the contract has been signed and the material colours have been selected. Although we always try to stay on schedule with our start dates, the weather and unexpected issues at other jobs may cause your start date to be pushed back a day or two.

Landscape Project Presentation

3. Construction begins on Your New Landscape

MPS will call “Ontario One Call” to mark out any underground utilities (gas, hydro, etc.). They may place flags and a mark on your property with paint. They will also send us a map locating these services. Bell and Rogers Cable do not provide locates. They bury the lines very shallow and repair them if they are accidentally cut, as it is cheaper for them this way.

We’ll place an MPS lawn sign on your property. It will help us generate new leads and will allow you to make your neighbors jealous that you are getting a great MPS landscape!

We will typically call you 2-3 days in advance of start-up to confirm the date and time. This will allow you to discuss any issues which may be relayed to your neighbors, as well as to make arrangements if access to part of your house may be compromised

Our crews are typically on site from 7:30 am – 4:30pm

Finally, when your project is complete, we will walk through the final product to make sure that you are completely satisfied. You can ask any questions about the project, or begin to set the stage for the next one! Of course, at this time, we’ll also look for the final payment to close the project and a company review.

New Landscape

4. Finished Photos of your Project

To help us advertise and exhibit our work, we will ask to come by and take pictures of your new landscape to be used on our website and social media. We will not disclose your address or names, we simply want to show off your great new landscape!