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Grow Your Own Furniture

What would it be like to lounge about in your yard, enjoying the beautiful landscape while sitting & relaxing on a comfortable arm chair that you grew yourself?

Well, thanks to the creativity of the designers at Turin, Italy’s Studio Nucleo, there is a product available to do just that!

While not designed to replace the many options of traditional patio furniture available seemingly everywhere today, the TERRA! Chair grows like a plant and becomes not only a unique landscaping feature but also a wonderful “nesting” chair for you to enjoy. A chair that literally grows into your existing garden to improve your landscape design!

Designed to be an environmentally friendly “green” armchair with a relaxed shape, the TERRA! Chair can be completed with just four simple steps:

1. Assemble the cardboard frames (recycled green product) and select your chair’s desired location in the yard
2. Fill & bury the frames with soil and contour as desired
3. Shower the chair with grass seeds or sod “mats”
4. Water regularly (daily) until established
5. Multiple chairs can be placed facing each other or together to form a loveseat or even a longer couch!

Seed growth should occur within about 10 days and the chair will be ready for use in 6-8 weeks. If using sod “mats” instead of seed, the TERRA! Chair will be good to go in about a month!

Maintenance of your TERRA! Chair throughout the growing season is easy as well; just trim the chair regularly (keep at 3”-4” long) and water as needed.

Then just sit back and enjoy your outdoor space from the seat of your very own green creation!