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When is the best time to water your lawn?

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All property and homeowners want their property to look the best and that includes having a healthy green lawn. Your lawn is an important part of your property, as it not only serves as a great place to play and relax but also help reduce soil erosion. Since the province-wide ban on the cosmetic use of lawn pesticide came into effect, maintaining an aesthetically pleasing lawn has been harder than ever. However, with diligent care including fertilizing, aerating, top-dressing and watering you can deter those pesky weeds and maintain a healthy, lush green lawn.
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So when is the best time to water your lawn?
The best time to water your lawn is during the early morning. This is typically the coolest and least windy part of the day, so the water that is applied it is less likely to evaporate. Watering at this time of the day also reduces the possibility of fungal problems or the grass drying out over the course of the day.
How much?
lawn needsLawns generally require 1 inch of water or 1 hr of watering per week, however, the soil type and exposure may affect how much your lawn needs.
Frequent, light watering can cause the grass to grow shallow roots which set it up for trouble in hot weather. Therefore, it is recommended to water less frequently but for a longer period of time.
When should you avoid watering your lawn?
1. Midday when the sun and temperatures are the highest
2. In the evening when water on the blades of grass promote fungal diseases
3. During very windy periods because water will be lost to evaporation