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Fall Commercial Newsletter

Fall 2016 



MPS Property Services is very proud to announce that after a summer of hard work and implementation of many new processes, we have passed our internal and Stage 1 & 2 ISO audits; becoming only the second Canadian company in our industry to achieve ISO 9001 / SN 9001 Certification.
This internationally recognized Business Management credential identifies MPS as an organization that meets the procedures, policies and requirements of ISO Quality Management, with specific written standards related to the Snow & Ice Management industry.
This exciting certification is an important step in allowing MPS Property Services to continue to improve our customer satisfaction and overall quality of our operations.
We look forward to implementing our new systems and procedures this winter!



Hiring a professional, reliable and experienced Snow & Ice contractor is a very important step in protecting your business throughout the winter season. Your level of risk will increase greatly if you hire a service provider without adequate insurance, reliable equipment, skilled workers, accurate documentation or experience under the worst conditions that winter can throw at us.
A good Snow & Ice contractor will always be able to provide and sign a contract that carefully defines the desired level of service, engineered site maps, work logs, and be easily accessible throughout any winter snow event.
Some of the most important things to look for when selecting a winter service provider include:

  • Safety, liability and risk management
  • Estimating, planning and cost effectiveness
  • Timely execution and responsiveness of services
  • Quality and reliability of service
  • Detailed documentation, verified service and ease of communication
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Expertise and professionalism
  • Certifications (Certified Snow Professional, etc.), best practices and standards of education

It is reasonable for you to expect your winter service provider to be able to provide all of the items detailed above with reliability and in a professional manner.
MPS Property Services Ltd. is proud to be a long-time leader in the Snow & Ice Industry; with continual improvement, ongoing education and industry best practices at the forefront of our operations. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.


Fall landscape cleanup tools in wheelbarrow

  1. Aerate the lawn- as the temperatures start to decrease the grass will slow down, however moist soil encourages strong root development.
  2. Fertilizer- high phosphorus mix around 12-25-12 will encourage root growth, meaning you’ll have a greener lawn in the early spring.
  3. Final Mow- on the last cut of the season, trim down to 1 ¼ inches. Shorter grass in the fall prevents debris from getting caught and slows disease growth.
  4. Collect leaves
  5. Plant shrubs- planting shrubs in the fall gives them a head start.
  6. Plant spring bulbs- such as tulips, daffodils…
  7. Trim dead limbs
  8. Cut back perennials
  9. Mulch young plants- Mulch adds insulation and protection from frost damage.
  10. Dry out irrigation drip system- put hose and other garden tools away.

The days are getting shorter and the kids have headed back to school, it can only mean that fall is upon us! The change in seasons always brings an air of excitement, new decor, recipes, and flowers in the garden.
Here in the office we have been busy hiring fall staff to replace the students who have left for school, as well as getting prepared for the winter season. To celebrate the summer employees, we held the first MPS BBQ. It was a great afternoon and allowed our employees to socialize with managers and office staff in a relaxed setting.