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Contour Cutting Process

Contour Cutting Along Armour Stone

Contour Cutting

When choosing a landscape contractor, it’s important to choose a company that has experienced crew leaders, and employees who have the skill and take the time to do a job properly. At MPS we take pride in providing beautiful landscape projects with attention to detail. One area that we excel in, is our detailed contour cutting. Contour cutting, are the cuts made when hard surfaces meet any ornamental stone. It takes lots of experience, skill and time to learn how to produce multiple accurate cuts to leave the smallest gap possible.
Inexperienced landscapers will create straight cuts, leaving gaps between the surface and the ornamental rock. They will fill the gap with sand or aggregate to disguise the spaces but that eventually erodes and leaves gaps. These gaps can create trip hazards, look unappealing and fill with debris. At MPS we create detailed contour cutting when installing pavers, Trex or any natural stone. Below are some pictures of our craftsmanship.
Contour cuts between pavers and armour stone
Arial View of Tight Contour Cuts
Armour Stone Cut into Pavers
Armour Stone and Contour Cutting
Jenna Monk