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How to Landscape Around a Pool

interlocking pavers around inground pool

Landscaping around a pool is like the icing on the cake; it helps tie everything together and influences the entire look of your backyard.  Whether you’re installing a new pool, or you’re renovating the landscape around an existing pool, there are important landscape decisions to make that will affect your backyard for years to come.

Pro-Tip: Pools will outlast their surrounding landscape, it’s recommended to budget for a landscape upgrade every 15-20 years. Is your landscape outdated? – read our previous blog to find out.

Upgrading your landscape around an existing pool will help modernize the space, even if the shape of your existing pool is ‘outdated! Who remembers the round, curvy, pool shapes of the early 2000s? Don’t despair, by upgrading the landscape features, adding trendy colours, and contemporary patio furniture, you can modernize the look of your backyard landscape. For more information, contact our team at MPS Property Services today!

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lounge chairs by inground pool

Here are 9 things to consider, when landscaping around a pool:

  1. Before you purchase anything, have landscape ideas or a landscape style in mind; this will help you determine the landscape materials, plants, and architectural lines of your poolscape. The most requested style from MPS clients is modern contemporary.
  2. What is the flow of movement around your existing pool? Creating wider walking areas around high traffic spots (like the diving rocks/board or stairs) will improve safety and flow around your pool. Consider what area gets the most sunlight, and where people gravitate to hang out. These are areas where you’ll want to plan for outdoor furniture.
  3. What material do you want to use around the pool? The strip around the perimeter of the pool is referred to as a pool deck or collar and is usually finished in cement or interlock. Your pool liner may determine what kind of coping you can use and whether you can bring the interlock right up to the pool edge. Poured concrete or interlock paving stones are the best for Canada.
  4. Consider carefully what type of trees you want to incorporate into your landscape design. You’ll want to consider the tree size, amount of shade it’ll produce leaves that will fall into the pool, and proximity to the pool; invasive roots can grow and compromise your pool pipes or foundation.
  5. What type of plants & greenery do you prefer? When picking out plants for your landscape, consider their maintenance requirements, what size they will grow to and whether or not they have sharp thorns or branches that may scratch swimmers.
    • Due to our Canadian climate, it’s near impossible to include perennial tropical plants into your landscape. One way to make your landscape feel more tropical would be by adding planters or urns filled with tropical perennials.
  6. Will you be incorporating any rock or stone structures? Some popular design ideas include jumping rocks, seat walls, or raised gardens; these features add architectural interest to your landscape design.
  7. How will you include ‘wow’ features so they don’t compete, visually, with your pool? No doubt, pools are a focal point, so it’s important when incorporating additional elements, to place them strategically so that it looks esthetically pleasing. ‘Wow’ features include:
    • LED Lighting
    • Water features
    • Fire features
  1. Do you need to increase the privacy of your backyard? Adding wood structures, such as pergolas, gazebos, or privacy screens, will help create a more private backyard setting.
  2. How will you disguise your pool equipment? Unsightly pool equipment is necessary, but it doesn’t need to be visible! There are plenty of options to hide it! Over the years, MPS has built custom sheds, cabanas, privacy screens, or even strategically planted shrubs/trees to hide pool equipment.

A pool is often the focal point of your backyard, and it’s where you’ll spend a lot of time hanging out and entertaining throughout the summer. It’s crucial to landscape a space that is beautiful and functional, contact us today to receive a consultation for your new pool landscape.

beautifully landscaped pool

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