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Should I Get A Backyard Fire Pit – Pros & Cons of Fire Features At Your Home

outdoor chairs surrounding firepit

Backyard fire pits are a great way to extend the enjoyment of your landscape. Through chilly spring days, cool summer nights and crisp fall days, a backyard fire pit adds warmth, light and a place to gather. So whether you’re warming up after a swim or making smores with the kids, fire features give you an added activity in your backyard, especially once the sun has gone down.

If you’re wondering ‘should I get a backyard fire pit?’, here is our list of pros and cons


  • Fire pits emit heat, increasing comfortability outside
  • Visually appealing
  • Allows you to enjoy your landscape longer throughout the year
  • Added outdoor activity


  • Certain types of fire pits require more maintenance and upkeep
  • Local authorities may have regulations around the type of fire pits you can have
  • Burn hazard for children
  • Fire hazard

Once you’ve decided to get a backyard fire feature – The first question you’ll want to ask yourself is what you’ll be using the fire pit for, do you need it to be portable or are you planning to invest in a permanent landscape fire feature? There are multiple different types of backyard fire pits, from permanent fire features to portable fire tables and chimeneas.

Stone wood burning firepit - permanent

Type: Permanent wood-burning fire pit

portable wood burning fire pit

Type: Portable wood-burning fire pit

gas burning fire table

Type: Gas burning fire table

Once you’ve decided on the general purpose of your fire pit, it’s important to consider what source of fuel you’d prefer. Fire pits typically use the following fuel sources.

  • Wood – inexpensive, requires work to keep the fire stoked, classic bonfire esthetic and smell, ashes can make a mess, smokey
  • Propane – most expensive, easy to light and turn off the fire, no smoke, adjustable flame, portable
  • Natural Gas – expensive, easy to light and turn off, needs permanent gas hook-up, adjustable flame, no smoke

The landscape designers at MPS love to include fire features into+ their landscape designs. If you’re interested in creating a landscape design with a backyard fire pit, contact us today!

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