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Snow Pile Dangers – Commercial Snow Relocation & Haulage

SNow piles in parking lot
Are the snow piles on your commercial property creating safety concerns?

After significant snowfalls or a series of smaller accumulations without a significant thaw, the snow piles on your commercial property may become unsafe. On commercial properties, there are designated snow hold locations that your snowplow contractor will push and pile the snow too. When the snow piles become too large, they take up parking spaces, reduce sightline visibility and cause narrowed laneways. If your property has regular deliveries to the loading docks, big snow piles can create big headaches. Large trucks require very wide turning radiuses to get to the back of buildings and access loading docks. To keep your deliveries and pickups running smoothly, make sure your snow piles don’t become too large.

These aren’t the only concerns created by large snow piles. Inevitably, when the temperature starts to warm up, the snow piles will melt onto the parking lots and walkways, then re-freeze at night, creating slip and fall hazards. These freeze-thaw cycles create significant safety and legal issues for property managers.

Truck moving snow

Once snow piles become too large, the snow needs to be relocated to another spot on your property or removed from the site completely; this is called snow relocation or snow haulage. To move large piles of snow, large wheel loaders are needed to come to the property at night when the parking lot is empty and relocate the piles. Loaders can scoop up large buckets of snow and move it to other locations on the property where it does not create safety concerns. If your property does not have another spot to pile snow, the snow will need to be hauled off-site. Snow haulage requires the coordination of loaders and dump trucks to bring the snow to a legal dumpsite. Snow piles are full of salt, garbage and other pollutants, so dumping snow illegally can create environmental issues and potential fines.

Not all snow contractors are able to provide snow relocation or snow haulage. If you’d like a quote for your property contact us today.

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