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Commercial Grounds Maintenance Contracts

view of commercial building landscaping

A commercial property requires different landscaping services than those for a residential home due to its size, accessibility, landscape elements and use of space. Commercial property owners/managers want their buildings to look good but they also have an increased responsibility to keep their properties safe from hidden dangers since they’re liable for accidents that happen on their property. Commercial properties require professional landscape maintenance from a company like MPS.

What is a Commercial Grounds Maintenance contract?

  • A commercial grounds maintenance contract provides year-round landscape services to your commercial property. This generally includes a spring clean-up, weekly turf & garden maintenance through the summer, a fall clean-up and snow & ice management services in the winter. The goal of these landscaping services is to maintain and continually provide safe, accessible properties that look appealing.

What should you look for in a Commercial Landscaping company?

  • For the best service it’s important to choose a reputable and professional landscaping company that is fully insured, provides training programs for their staff, and is knowledgeable about commercial landscape property maintenance.
  • Choose a company that can provide both summer and winter services. In recent years, commercial snow removal services have become more difficult to find due to the rising cost of insurance. Choosing a company that can provide both services will allow you to build a relationship with your landscape customer service representative, and a better understanding of your property and its needs.
  • When choosing a landscape company be sure that they can provide additional services such as pruning & gardening, masonry work, litter pick-up, hard surface services, for example: line painting, sign installation, power sweeping, and interlocking paver repairs. Having a landscape company that can provide all of these landscape services make them an easy “go-to” for all your exterior property needs.

Two workers working on a commercial garden bed

If you’re looking for a high-quality commercial grounds maintenance service provider, reach out today to speak with your customer service rep and find out why we’re your first choice.

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