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4 Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Replacing

Sprinkler in use in flowerbed

When should you replace your irrigation system? While we all wish that irrigation systems would last forever, they do not. Eventually, the pipes, sprinkler heads, and other parts begin to wear out, causing you to wastewater and potentially fail to get enough to your plants. How do you know when it’s time to replace the whole system instead of just making repairs? Here are some signs.

1. There are Constant Leaks or Clogs

One of the most common signs that your irrigation system needs to be replaced is that it keeps developing problems. You have your technician fix a leak in one spot, and another one springs up. Or, the sprinkler heads and lines keep developing clogs. Both issues, when repeated, are signs that your sprinkler system is on its last legs.

It is less expensive to simply catch onto this trend and replace the system, rather than continuing to repair or replace each part of the system as it breaks down.

2. Under or Over Watering

When an irrigation system is no longer functioning properly, it may begin to either under or overwater your space. When your system is at fault for overwatering, you may notice that certain spots of your yard or landscape develop puddles or have problems draining. When the system is underwatering, you may notice spots of brown or dried greenery developing. Usually, these problems are in patches but they could also be across your entire space. Either way, replacing the system quickly will help your plants bounce back from the neglect.

3. The System is Outdated

Are you running an older system that relies on manual control? If your sprinkler system is outdated, the good news is that there are plenty of new systems on the market which can offer you much simpler and more consistent irrigation. New systems will do things to reduce the amount of water you use without impacting your plant’s or lawn’s health like automatically adjusting for rainfall and treating each zone differently according to its unique needs. Installing a new system can end up saving you money on your water bill.

4. Your Plants Have Changed

Was your irrigation system originally installed for a totally different garden or landscape? Over a number of years, you might make changes to your space, adding new plants and taking others out, adding more hardscaping or other factors that affect water, like mulch. However, homeowners and businesses both rarely take the time to change their irrigation systems when they make these adjustments. The result is a system that wastes water or underwater key plants and areas.

When your garden has changed significantly, getting the professionals to install a brand new system can be the best way to meet your landscape’s needs.

Are you upgrading your landscaping and looking to install a new irrigation system? The professionals at MPS Property Services can help you with your irrigation needs. You can trust us to design and install a new system that will work for you. Contact us today.

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