How to Landscape Around a Pool

Written By MPS Team On May 28, 2021

Landscaping around a pool is like the icing on the cake; it helps tie everything together and influences the entire look of your backyard.  Whether you’re installing a new pool, or you’re renovating the landscape around an existing pool, there are important landscape decisions to make that will affect your backyard for years to come. […]

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Big Ideas for Small Backyard Landscape Designs

Written By MPS Team On April 23, 2021

The size of your backyard doesn’t matter, it’s all about how you use it! Current residential subdivisions are built on smaller lots with reduced backyards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate all the features of a bigger backyard. Here are some of MPS’ big ideas and tips for your small backyard landscape design! Optimize […]

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Elements of a Front Yard Landscape Design

Written By MPS Team On April 8, 2021

Your front landscape is one of the most important features for creating a good first impression of your home. Not only does a front yard landscape improve the curb appeal of your home, but it also increases the resale value of your property. Some even argue that the front landscape is more important than the […]

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A Landscape Design for the Whole Family

Written By MPS Team On March 26, 2021

Now, more than ever, it’s important to have a private and safe space for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors. A backyard landscape allows your family a safe escape from the indoors. To fully maximize your outdoor space, it needs to include elements for everyone in the family to enjoy. When you’re first planning […]

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10 Signs of an Outdated Landscape

Written By MPS Team On March 15, 2021

Is your landscape outdated? How to tell if your landscape is out of style. Generally, at this time of year, the snow is slowly melting away and revealing the landscape beneath it. You might be noticing your landscape looks a little different than you remember? In the spring you are looking at your landscape with […]

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How to Find a Reputable Landscape Company

Written By MPS Team On March 8, 2021

Not all landscape companies are reputable – In the landscape industry, there exists a significant divide between companies; from an inexperienced guy working out of his truck, to large multi-million-dollar businesses. The reliability of the landscape company you choose will determine the quality and longevity of your landscape. Before you make a decision that could […]

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Asphalt & Interlock Paving Stone Driveway Options

Written By MPS Team On August 17, 2020

Your driveway has a big impact on the ‘curb appeal’ of your home; it’s one of the first features a visitor sees and can say a lot about your home. A well-maintained driveway that ties into a beautiful front entrance landscape, makes for a welcome first impression. When you’re thinking of upgrading your front landscape […]

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Common Water Feature Problems and Other Issues

Written By MPS Team On July 17, 2020

Water features are one of the least commonly requested landscape features that our MPS design team encounters. However, there are still many homeowners who are interested in the idea of incorporating a water feature or garden fountain to add a sensation of tranquility to their landscape. Running water helps induce a sense of rest and […]

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Man-Made vs. Natural Patio Stones: What’s the Difference?

Written By MPS Team On July 2, 2020

When designing outdoor living spaces, patio stones continue to be the most popular landscaping material for a range of projects. Whether it’s for a front entrance, porch overlay, backyard patio, poolscape or pathway; patio stones are an easy choice because of their durability, versatility and appearance. When choosing a patio stone for your landscape there […]

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The Fight Against Dandelions, Lawn Care and Pesticides

Written By MPS Team On June 11, 2020

What are Dandelions? Are dandelions overtaking your lawn? You’re not alone, since Ontario passed the cosmetic pesticide ban in 2009, it’s become increasingly common to see lawns covered in dandelions.  Bright yellow Dandelions are most commonly referred to as weeds, but they’re actually herbaceous perennials.  Although it seems as if dandelions are here to stay, […]

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