Spring Has Sprung!

Hello! We are excited to be sending our first MPS Property Services digital Newsletter. As part of our company’s growth we have recognized that digital outreach is an important way to keep in contact with our customers.
Our objective in these newsletters is to keep our customers up to date with our services and projects as well as to send out tips and pieces of advice to help with your own property maintenance.

In addition to our Newsletter we have also been working hard to get our new website up and running and joining the social media world.

President’s Column

Jim Monk

Jim Monk

Over the years, we’ve often wondered about the best way to reach out to our customers, (and potential customers!), in order to share some timely information, discuss changes in the industry, or just talk about cool projects we’re working on.  As a result, we’ve resurrected the “MPS News”, which we originally experimented with in paper version 15 years ago! We hope to be able to share information that you might find relevant, informative, and hopefully, interesting.  If there’s anything you’d like to see covered, please feel free to let us know – we aim to please!

With the changeover from snow removal to landscaping season, there’s always the challenge of putting away and storing winter equipment, pulling out the mowers and excavators, and getting our staff re-oriented to provide our new seasonal services.  This year was no different, although the lingering winter (plowing well into April??!!)  added challenges to that (We took off plows and salters 3 times in anticipation of the arrival of spring!). We’ve made it through, and are now going full-steam building and maintaining beautiful landscapes.

MPS News  This offseason, we’ve made a real commitment to improving our on-line presence.  We’ve updated our website, and have made sure to make it mobile friendly.  We have tons of photos and information on past projects, as well as staff profiles, a section for blogs where we’ll have various staff members posting  timely and relevant articles on just about anything that might be occurring with MPS.  We’ve also entered the world of social media, and you can now easily follow us on Instagram and Facebook, with an increased presence on other platforms to come.  Please feel free to take a look around, and sign up to follow us – we’d love to get any feedback on what you like, or how to improve it!

Jim Monk
President of MPS Property Services


Spring-Cleanup Checklist

spring cleanup

  1. Rake leaves, dead grass, pine cones from lawn
  2. Remove leaves and debris from the garden beds
  3. Turn soil over and add soil to gardens that require it
  4. Remove dead leaves and stalks from perennial beds
  5. Prune dead branches from trees and shrubs
  6. Fertilize grass ; nitrogen rich fertilizer to ‘green-up’ the grass
  7. Aerate the lawn (pulling small plugs of soil out of the lawn) reduces compaction and aids in nutrient uptake.  This can be done anytime, but is especially effective in springtime
  8. Energize and test the irrigation system to test for winter damage or head locations that may need to be repositioned
  9. Sweep walkways and driveways
  10. Enjoy the lovely weather to come

Country Oasis

Country Oasis

Country Backyard Oasis

The new owners of this beautiful country property are loving their backyard design-build that was completed in the summer of 2015. The project involved removing the existing wood deck that surrounded the pool area and continued up to the second level of the house. The decking was replaced with a precast stone patio with a concrete border around the pool. New gardens were created and planted to bring the natural beauty from the back of their property around the pool to the back of the house. A beautiful cedar cabana was built and installed by our very skilled carpenter Trevor Little. The cabana serves as a bar, pool house and provides an outdoor living area. The new owners will enjoy spending the whole summer in their fantastic new backyard oasis. The happy home owners were so thrilled with their backyard makeover that we’ll soon be re-doing their front yard!

For more pictures, check out the project page.


Steve Andrus

Steve Andrus

Steve Andrus

Construction Crew Leader| Area Supervisor

Steve Andrus has been with MPS Property Services since the winter of 2013. He is one of MPS’s main construction crew leaders and works as an area supervisor in the winter.  Steve’s area of expertise is in Landscape Construction, where he excels on large projects, and loves working with natural stone. Steve is also a skilled machine operator, which provides tremendous value on larger job sites, and of course, in snow removal operations. Steve has played an active role in allowing MPS to expand and take on larger, and increasingly more difficult construction projects.

Steve is currently working on a front yard and backyard renovation complete with new interlock, natural stone, poolscape and a basketball court. When Steve is not at work he enjoys spending time with his kids and golfing.

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